The Story Behind the Series: Element Faerys

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Hi, I am Joanna! I am so excited for you to be here at my store to check out my work. Here's a little part of the story behind the Element Faerys print series that's currently for sale. The concept for this series was the represent the primary natural elements—earth, wind, fire, and water—with human personifications. This series was shot at various sites outside Toronto, such as the shores of Lake Huron and Christian Island. 

Earth Faery

Element Faerys - Earth - Fine Art Photography Print by Joanna Katchutas

This photograph was taken in a managed forest lot near Georgian Bay. What struck me about the setting was the trees nearly perfectly planted in rows. The natural setting combined with the orderly (very unnatural) way they were planted spoke to me and seemed like a great place for a photoshoot. The Faery here seems to camouflage herself with the colours of her surroundings, which almost makes it appear as if she really isn't there. The retouching was light and I focused primarily on keeping the colour palette consistent throughout the entire photo.

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Wind Faery

Instead of being the focal point of this image, the Faery here is positioned along the bottom edge of the image. With a quick glance you could miss her, as her white dress blends with the brilliant white of the clouds above. There is a sense of scale in this image, which was an effect intentional to the composition. In this image, the iron wings provide the most contrast of almost anything, which further impresses upon the viewer the nature of the wind and sky.

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Fire Faery

This photograph was an exploration of the double-exposure technique where two image coexist at the same time in the same frame. Originally a technique used in film, the application of this to digital photography requires the use of post-processing to achieve the effect. Taken on the shores of Christian Island, the intense bonfire reveals the Faery in a crack of sparks. She was only there for a moment, leaving the viewer to wonder if she was even really there at all.

Fine Art Prints and Cards of the Fire Faery are available in various sizes in my shop!


Water Faery

Taken during a cold October day on the shores of Georgian Bay, the Water Faery image conveys the cold and harsh nature of water. While I could have chosen to represent a calm, friendly sea, instead I chose to illustrate the more cruel side of this element. The sharp horizon line in this image is an intentional detail that releases the viewer from the harshness as the eye is drawn up the image from the Faery along the bottom and gives relief in what otherwise is a very intense image. The Faery here is shown leaving the water behind, but struggling to come to her feet, illustrating how difficult it is to leave one's natural state behind.

Fine Art Prints of the Water Faery are available in various sizes in my shop!


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For more about the series visit my portfolio site!

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